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The Process

Firstly, I remove all of your kitchen cabinet doors, drawers, hinges and knobs.  All the areas that will be painted are thoroughly degreased using professional grade degreaser and  sanded using a dust free vacuum sanding system; this gives the surface an excellent key for the primer to adhere too. I then give the surfaces another wipe down using the degreaser  to remove any left over traces of  grease. Finally, I will use a tack cloth to remove any remaining dust particles.

The next step is to mask off any areas not being painted to give sharp edges and a superior looking finish. I cover the kitchen floor with lining paper and set this in place using masking tape. Any scratches, dents or holes in your cabinets and carcases will be filled and sanded.

At this stage the kitchen is ready for priming. The primer provides an outstanding base for the undercoat and paint to adhere to and also prevents any bleed through from the wood. The doors are stored on racks during the process to prevent any damage being caused and to save on space.

After priming, I  sand down all of the surfaces again and apply an undercoat. Both the primer and undercoat are colour matched to your top coat colour to add extra depth to give that real wow factor.

Before applying the first layer of top coat I sand again and tack cloth away any dust particles. I then give the cabinets a further top coat; sanding and cleaning in between. Sanding between each coat gives the smoothest, most beautiful finish possible and is so incredibly worth all the hard work. It will last for years and years and will not disappoint.

Finally, after all the beautiful paintwork is completed, I reassemble the finished kitchen to its new glory. A thorough tidy up and the transformation is complete!!! . *TA DAH moment*

*Please note: the above processes are for kitchen cabinets  only being refurbished. If extra services are required such as new tiles and worktops then additional processes are added. Additionally, the above process may differ slightly depending on the type of paint used and the type of surface being painted. Please see my list of recommended paints and products below. Type your paragraph here.

Hand Painted kitchens in nottingham

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Sharon Thornhill in Nottingham, UK on Houzz


The Transformation

Sharon Thornhill in Nottingham, UK on Houzz
Sharon Thornhill in Nottingham, UK on Houzz
Sharon Thornhill in Nottingham, UK on Houzz
Sharon Thornhill in Nottingham, UK on Houzz
  • Bespoke hand painted kitchen cabinets using the finest quality materials, primers and paints.

  • Hand painted furniture

  • Advice on replacement knobs, handles, worktops and tiling.

  • Friendly support if you want it on choosing colours.

  • Full public liability insurance for that extra peace of mind.

  • Contact me
  • I respond as soon as possible, usually within 48hours
  • We arrange a time and day that suits you for me to come to your home and view the work your thinking of having done
  • With me I shall bring colour palettes, inspirational pictures, a knowledge and flair for design and friendly advice if you need or want it
  • I leave you to mull things over and I will provide you with a fair quote within 3 days
  • If you are happy and would like me to transform your kitchen we can set a date for the work to commence